CAMEL is an fully automated sand filter for marine use.
Built in GRP with necessary equipment on steel construction, powder painted.
One intake on upper side connected with the funnel inside to distribute water gently Lower intake connected with disctributor to collect clean water after filtration.
Upper cover, manhole to change sand after some years of exploatation.
Lower manhole is for inspecion and sand rejection.

– Cleaning water from big contamination.


Camel is equipped with 3pcs 3-way electromagnetic valves to direct water :
– oppositely, from lower to upper exit and to rejection
– during the backflash (some minutes)
– to rejection during rinsing time (few minutes)

Control box equipped with timers to regulate the buckflashed and rinsing time
We reccomend not too frequently buckflash the sand filter.
Pipes PP (polipropylene) , Valves are bronze type, Supply voltage 24 VAC 50/60 Hz

– Filtration rate [L/m2/h]: 3000-7000
– Cleaning intervals: 1-2 days
– Quantity of wash water required: 1% of the total water
– Effective size of sand: 0,35-0,6 mm
– Removal of bacteria: 80-99%
– Sand layer thickness: 50-70 cm