DOLPHIN is an air tank for marine use. Always painted with blue, comes with any deired certification, even with ASME U-stamp.

– Storing working air
– Storing control air
– Cooling down the air
– Moisture removal
– Dumping pressure pulsations

Standart delivery:
– Marine pressure gauge
– Marine safety air valve
– Manual stainless steel ball valves
– Manual water drain cock

– Horizontal mounting
– Stainless steel material of the tank
– Automatic drain unit

– Capacity from 200 up to 5000 litres
– Designed pressure: 11 bars
– Working pressure: 10 bars
– Test pressure: 16 bars
– Plugged extra ports and inspection openings
– Working temperature: -10oC to 50oC
– Certificates: CE1433, DNV, LLOYD’S, GL, ASME “U” STAMP
– Other certificates available on demand

Recent projects: