As the virus is spreading into different parts of the World, we would like to inform you about the latest situation in our company.

DOE have been monitoring the global COVID-19 pandemic since the beginning of this year and is updating business continuity plans daily.

We are checking temperatures of every employee daily. In cooperation with our medical consultant and polish health organisation (GIS) we have compiled an emergency procedures, which can be downloaded below.

We are keeping abreast of updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and polish health organization (GIS).
We want to assure you that we remain committed to business continuity while also protecting employees and our client partners.
The health and well-being of our employees and their families, customers we serve and of​ the communities in which we live and work is our utmost priority. We recognise that the situation is evolving and we have already taken several proactive steps to eliminate the risks while maintaining business continuity, including:

– Adherence to the governmental travel advice for all countries in which we operate with creation of a decision matrix for determining essential travel plans.
– All workers, regardless of specific exposure risks, are provided with medical supervision for new hygienic infection control strategy.
– Providing flexible work arrangements where appropriate that maximise work execution.
– Activating business continuity plans to enable flexible and dependable delivery of our commitments

We are daily assessing the potential impact of COVID-19 on timelines and deliverables which may vary across our service offerings and regions. Our Project Managers are in daily contact, updating you with current situation.

We will post important updated below along with Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeter feed. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any doubt or question.


It has been 2 months since we have started this COVID-19 status update webpage. Right now everything seems to be coming back to normal. Most of our staff work partially from the office. The number of infected people in Poland is dropping rapidly every day. In meantime we are continuing our plans to double the production place by extending our building.

We would like to thank people behind initiative for making great safety design which we use in our premises. We strongly recommend using oursafety for its clean and easy messages for this challenging times!


DOE has stared to 3D print elements for healthcare workers and has purchased masks for doctors and nurses in our local community.

We hope that our little contribution will ease the life of the ones that are on the front line!

Stay safe!


A quick update. Polish goverment has started abolition of restrains. We are now able to walk into public places and there were changes in the number of people allowed to to shopping in the same time in the supermarkets. Polish current statistics: 10346 confirmed cases, 435 passed away, 1513 fully recovered.

Stay safe!


It’s over one month since we have implemented strengthened measures to fight COVID-19. So far the production is not interrupted, however delivery times for components are prolonged than expected. Polish current statistics: 7771 confirmed cases, 292 passed away, 774 recovered.


Good morning! A brief information on the production in DOE – for now, there is no shutdown in Poland, however our suppliers have various situations since every European country has its own measures to fight the virus. We have noted delays in delivery chains.

Goods which are manufactured in countries where the factories are closed (Italy, Spain) are delayed by the longest period of time. We do what we can to use substitutes for delayed components, but in some cases, especially in accepted designs we need to wait.

Polish current statistics: 2554 confirmed cases, 43 passed away.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


A new week has started! There is no changes in DOE operation. Everybody healthy, hard working either from home or from the office to fulfil the commitments. Polish current statistics: 1984 confirmed cases, 26 passed away. There are also statistics of our local area where is 48 confirmed cases and no deaths.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


Good morning! Yesterday our government have tightened the measures to fight COVID-19 virus. People are allowed to exit their home only when necessary (work, shopping, to walk a dog). No group meeting (unless families living together). Two of DOE employees have been released from the quarantine because they were put n the list by mistake. Polish current statistics: 927 confirmed cases, 12 passed away.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


Good morning! Yesterday we have send emails to our customers, agents and suppliers. In return we have received many warm replies! Thank you very much for kind words! So far DOE is working normally, with 3 employees on home quarantine related to the come back from abroad. Polish current statistics: 774 confirmed cases and 9 passed away.

Stay safe! Stay healthy!


Today is Friday, last day of work before weekend. So far the production in DOE is working as scheduled so are our closest and most important subcontractors. We are keeping very high hygiene standards and no personal contact.

ZERO cases of COVID-19 in DOE. Statistics in Poland: total 367 confirmed cases, 9 passed away.


Sales dept. work fully from home
Design department work from the office – ready to work from home
Production is working normally, with limited workforce to support current workload.
Management is working from the office – ready to work from home