Water filtration & treatment

Sand filter

DOE Camel is a fully automatic sand filter for marine use.
The incoming water can be taken from various sources.
Made in GRP or SS316L material with automatic backflush system makes DOE Camel ideal solution for first step prefiltration for Reverse Osmosis Systems as well as general non-consumable filtration.

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Small particle filter

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DOE Huzar is a water filter, usually used as one of the first steps of prefiltration. DOE Huzar can come with disc for filtration, single or muli cartridges (consumable) or bag filter which can be washed manually.



DOE Dodo is a rehardening unit, mineralizer and pH adjustment in one. DOE Dodo consists of SS316L tank with all the connections. Tank is filled with dolomite and sand. Water is pumped from the bottom of the
tank. It goes through the mineral bed to the top of the tank. Water going through the mineral bed becomes mineralized (and pH is adjusted as well).


Chemical measurement system

DOE Nemo is a water analysing system, built inside durable. metal box.

DOE Nemo is designed to work together with dosing station - DOE Mosquito by checking constantly the parameters and adjusting level of PH or free Chlorine when necessary. Parameters are saved on the SD card and historical parameters data can be accessed analysed.


Chemical dosing

DOE mosquito is a dosing unit for chemicals.

Electrically controlled dosing interface enables reliable, cost-effective and precise process of dosing chemicals for keeping the level of parameters like ph or chlorine on desired levels.