Drinking water solution

Drinking water is getting more expensive every day. We have designed a complete system for drinking water production.

It is an affordable and easy to use alternative for purchasing water in plastic bottles. You can be independent and produce not only fresh water, but drinking water on board your ship, for the crew.

Every ship has its own PID system, which we study and suggest and offer a complete, tailor made solution.

Below example is a general layout of suggested system which we discuss and find solution which perfectly match your needs your needs.

DOE STORK Drinking

Example of one of the bottled water deliveries

With the crew of 70 people, daily usage of water two 1,5l bottles per person, the ship generates 140 used plastic bottles per day, which is 4200 bottles per month

Cost of 1,5l bottle of water including waste disposal and logistics

Cost of 1,5l water produced on board including maintenance costs (excluding investment)

Key information

Using DOE Pelican M15 Fresh watermaker you are ready to
produce up to 600l per hour of fresh water from salt water.

The water is suitable for FW system purposes (washing, cleaning etc.). In order to drink the water, we suggest enchancing the fresh water by adding minerals, filering by activated carbon and chilling for better experience.

You save the money and protect the environment from plastic.