DOE provides a service of RO equipment based on the following:

  • Visit on the ship located in Port of Gdynia or Gdansk or any Shipyard in this ports
  • Diagnosis of the existing system on site
  • Repair on the ship or in DOE workshop, based on the quotation after the first visit

Additional services:

  • Chemical cleaning on site, on the ship
  • Offer of consumables like membranes, filters, filter inserts, chemicals for cleaning
  • Training how to use every day, repair, clean
  • Renting machine for single voyages or for longer use
  • New machines – DOE production – from stock

Our prices are fair
and transparent

We provide full service of Reverse Osmosis machines in Gdynia and Gdańsk region.

First visit of the technician is reasonably prices. During this visit we evaluate the machine condition and later on suggest what needs to be done to get your Reverse Osmosis water maker going.



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