Air tank

DOE Dolphin is an air tank for marine use.

Air tanks are commonly used on board mostly for working air storage. DOE Dolphin comes with any desired certification.

Design for marine and land classification

DOE has its own design office which makes custom designs on request. Every project is modelled in 3D which can be supplied on request to help with your own design. With a base of hundreds of executions we are ready to quickly provide suitable solution. Our designers have knowledge of most marine classification rules as well as PED directive for land applications.

Highest quality of welds

Poland has been known for the most experienced welders in Europe and DOE has multi year experience in welding quality. Most of welds are made using TIG141 and MIG131/MAG135 method with standard of AISI316L and P355GH material. Proper after-welding finishing is applied depending on the final parameters of the anti-corrosion layer.

In-house WPQR and VT inspectors

High quality is DOE standard for years. With in-house Visual Test inspectors we are ready to deliver product which is made according to the project requirements without additional costs and unnecessary delay of external inspectors. Furthermore, our inspectors check the quality on every part of fabrication limiting even the slightest problems on daily basis.

Demanding applications

Most of the projects are the most demanding in the fields with welds close to each other on very tight designs. After many years of practice and research DOE has know-how and experience to weld even most complicated projects.

Recent projects: