Seal is a marine sanitary hot water heater (water calorifier). Tank comes with marine certificate: DNV, Lloyd, GL, ABS, BV, PRS or other class on demand. Seal is used for heating and storage of the sanitary hot water on ships. There are multiple means of heating: electric, steam, hot water or oil.

Please take a look at our offer for optional elements which enhance the heater or add more functionality like remote temperature or pressure control from the Ship Control Centre.


Every ship has a demand for sanitary hot water. By choosing DOE SEAL you will get a peace of mind due to the simple and trusty construction. Double thermostat and safety valve meets triple safety demand.

In order to preserve the power drain you may consider connecting your steam source or waste heat from the engine to the calorifier. This solution will give you more options during daily use and maintenance works. Our experienced traders will support you in technical aspects and suggestions during the whole purchasing process.

On the left you may see the DOE SEAL 600l 36kW installation on the Royal Arctic Line vessel. This particular systems take advantage from the waste engine heat to heat up the sanitary water.


Standart delivery consist of:
– Certified black steel (galvanized) tank
– 50mm insulation
– Galvanized and powder painted steel plate as cover
– Electric box and regulation plate installed on the tank
– Heaters of ordered power
– Safety valve 8 bar
– All connected and tested

As an option we offer:
– Tank in stainless steel material
– Heating coil of 1 or 2 cubic meter heating surface
– Heating coil regulation with regulation valve and accessories
– circulation pumps and accessories
– compensation tank for hot water
– mixing thermostatic valve for outlet water
– protection anode for extra protection




We know that ship’s operation is very expensive – that’s why we are ready to offer doubled elements like pumps for example. During the situation when one of the pump will be repaired, another one should do the job. To be on the safe side always ask our sales department for spare parts and redundancy elements.



Heating water with electricity is easy – we can give you an accessory to use your waste heat from main engine or other sources. Stainless steel coil with a few vales will make your heating options more diversified and more reliable.



Every heater is tailor-made, machine your requirements. In majority of cases we install parts of the ship’s heating system that are linked to the heater – like plate heat exchangers, circulating pumps, valves and bypasses.

Please ask our traders for recommended options and solutions that are proven and used on majority of designs.


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We have made a large number of different types of calorifiers. Some of them are listed in the Project section.


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