DOE Disc filtration




Disc filtration is a very interesting method of cleaning incoming water. The main advantage of this kind of filtration is that the user is cleaning plastic discs (inserts) when the flow is dropping – he does not need to change any filter inserts. There are two options – manual, hand cleaning, which is cheaper and manual or automatic backlash systems, which saves time and is generally more user-friendly.

Working Principle of Filtration State:
Water to be treated comes from the inlet port into the surface of the disc cartridge. Since discs are tightly pressed by the spring on the top of the filter cartridge, with the water going through the outside into the inside of the disc cartridge, the impurity will be trap ped on the intersection of discs. After that the clean water comes out from inside of the filter to the outlet port.

Working Principle of Backwash State:
When the pressure difference reaches the setting value or the system reaches the setting time, the system will automatically enter the backwash mode. The electric box (or user) controls the valve and changes the water flow direction. Backwash water comes from the outlet port, and closes the one-way diaphragm on the bottom of the disc cartridge. Then the backwash water can only go through from nozzle channels on the interior center of the cartridge. High pressure of the nozzle channels tightens the spring and loses discs, meanwhile the backwash water squirts out from the channel along the tangent direction of discs and rotates and separates discs evenly, taking the impurities away from the discs. After backwash state, water flow direction changes and discs are pressed again, and the filter will enter filtration state.

DOE uses discs from 10 to approx. 800 microns, which gives the client a possibility to filter every kind of dirty incoming water. DOE staff will be very glad to select the best filtering method for your incoming sources.

High Efficiency, Backwash, Water Saving
It takes only 7 to 20 seconds to finish backwash for one filter unit. Generally backwash water consumption is less than 0.5% of filtering water. It is also efficient for filtering sticky impurities.