Pelican Yacht 3T/d

Pelican Yacht is an ultra compact & light unit.
It is a Reverse Osmosis Water Maker for yachts and small ships.

With 5 deg. C – capacity around 2.7 t/days
With 15 deg. C – capacity around 3.0 t/days
With 30 deg. C – capacity around 2.9 t/days

Working on salt water (up to 50.000 ppm).
Flow in: 20 t/day of salt water
Class: Not applicable

Main features:
– HP pump – Professional Marine salt water pump powered by electric motor 1.6 kW and belt, belt-wheels
– Feed pump (bronze or SS with open impeller) supplying the salt water to the filter
– Salt water Filter for incoming water with disposable insert 20″ 5 microns porosity
– Steel galvanised, powder painted, strong electric box with soft start for HP pump
– Separate start/stop for feed pump
– Separate start/stop for HP pump
– Protection for HP on: inlet -presostat, outlet -HP safety valve
– 2 rotameters, water meter, water salinity control with alarm (if the salinity is too high)
– Additional UV unit on demand (small & compact)

Country of origin: Poland / EU
Warranty: 1 year