Side stream filtration unit

Snail for water maintenance.

Water cleaning device made by DOE called „Snail” is working without chemicals.
“Snail” is the machine designed for marine applications in heating and cooling water systems (HVAC) under operation. Snail can be used also for other water systems like swimming pools, opened water tanks, fountains, machines cooled by water. Snail is cleaning the circulating water.
The installation is “side stream” that means that will not disturb, stop or changing operation of the existing system.
Snail can be installed on existing system or installed on new buildings.

The effects of operation of Snail is better water in the system:
•   less suspended particles in the water  (sand, bacterias)
•   less dissolved particles (salts, minerals, hardiness)
•   less air in the system

Advantages of Snail installation
•   ability to add demi water into the system
•   ability to add chemicals like inhibitors acids , detergents
•   online control of conductivity of the system (hardiness)
•   ability to descale the existing dirty system
•   visual control of the water transparency

Savings for the owner of the system with Snail:
•   reduced usage of the chemicals
•   reduced usage of inhibitors, other added chemicals
•   smaller energy consumption on clean system
•   reduced cost of maintenance of the system
•   better operation of the system (better efficiency)
•   longer lifetime of the heat-exchangers valves, other valuable components of the system

Working parameters, specification
•   no chemicals used in the system:
•   low working pressure up to 10 bars on the system
•   temperature up to 45C (RO membrane inside)
•   power supply 500 W, 230V 50hz or 60hz 1 phase, other possible
•   easy hand operated system, can be automated
•   self regulating system, without possibility to have influence on cleaned system
•   drained water consists of charmless minerals and particles
•   pending patent solution based on Revered Osmosis membrane

•   cooling water, closed system (under pressure)
•   closed loop water systems
•   heating systems as above
•   opened system like swimming pool
•   boiler water production (water to be added)
•   swimming pools
•   fountains
•   machines cooled by water
•   water washing machines stationary (ultrasonic, hi-pressure)