Stork Medium 1st generation


Completeness of delivery:

– Frame SS304 powder painted , all components connected , tested & working

– Inlet Filter for bigger particles – “Micro Huzar” – 10 microns made in titanium, automatic cleaning, continuous operation to protect the membranes form suspended particles

– 3 Pcs RO Membranes 4040 for fresh water (max 15 bars ), including the pressure vessels, perallely

– Feed Pump – Grundfos pump before Automatic filter (HUZAR)
for increasing pressure on inlet and bigger flow in inlet filter

– Working pump – Grundfos pressure (up to 15 bars) pump
for cleaning the inlet filter (self cleaning filter Huzar) and for RO membranes operation

– 3 Pcs Rotameters for water flow and operation control

– 3 Pcs Manometers for pressure and operation control

– All necessary valves and pipings (all components atested for drinking water)
components with water contact – professional, made in SS 316 or 304 or Plastic